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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#148 Log entries within property lists new defect critical COLoggers
#177 Terminate not logged new defect critical COLoggers
#30 09-010 Excel still running new defect major COLoggers
#33 Ports made available by COLTT new defect major COLoggers
#34 Aspen Hysys crashes on exit when PPDS PPM is logged new defect major COLoggers
#45 Error message changed when PP logged new defect major COLoggers
#52 Wrong hierarchy in Viewer based on Ticket#30 scenario new defect major COLoggers
#87 Cannot mix PMCs with different threading models in the same simulation when using COLTT new defect major COLoggers
#114 Error code changed with COLTT enabled on UO new defect major COLoggers
#116 DiffusionCoefficient printed as vector while matrix new enhancement major COLoggers
#121 Viewer close leads to exception new defect major Viewer
#122 Discriminating between anonymous PMCs new enhancement major COLoggers
#124 Some problems reading the file new defect major Viewer
#128 PMCs organized in alphabetical order new enhancement major COLoggingController
#134 Eliminating log entries about not supported interfaces new enhancement major COLoggers
#140 Terminate not appearing at first level in Viewer new enhancement major Viewer
#145 PRO/II process released when COLTT enabled new defect major COLoggers
#146 get_ComponentIds not viewable in Viewer new defect major Viewer
#147 Validity of test on get_NamedValue new task major COLoggers
#152 Crash on getComponentName when UO logged new defect major COLoggers
#153 Can't disable logging on FlowExchange UOs new defect major COLoggers
#157 Exception in InoSim using logged PMC new defect major COLoggers
#167 CheckEquilibriumSpec new task major COLoggers
#170 Missing phase label in SetTwoPhaseProp new defect major COLoggers
#172 ICapeUnitPort::Connect argument not logged new enhancement major COLoggers
#173 MO \"duplicate of 1\" not filtered new defect major Viewer
#175 Identifying MOs by pointers if not named new enhancement major COLoggers
#176 Filter on method call within other calls new enhancement major Viewer
#178 Method returns not implemented and error handling new enhancement major COLoggers
#180 Behaviour differs with COLTT enabled new defect major COLoggers
#181 Message of LogMessage not in Viewer new enhancement major Viewer
#189 Three log files created for one run new defect major COLoggers
#190 Can't handle many compounds new defect major COLoggers
#205 Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) new defect major COLoggers
#208 New ticket new enhancement major COLoggingController
#213 Consider moving to log4cxx 0.10.0 new enhancement major 2.5 COLoggers
#223 Crash in GetCompoundList new defect major COLoggers
#225 Invalid complaint about calling order new defect major COLoggers
#228 Installation folders new defect major 2.5 Installation
#91 COLTT automatically enabled on PPM as well as on TS new enhancement minor COLoggingController
#111 get_requestedOperation new enhancement minor COLoggers
#115 Name given to Parameter and Port Collections new enhancement minor COLoggers
#117 COLTT message does not show up as from COLTT in Viewer new enhancement minor Viewer
#123 Control logging of specific object types from within Controller new enhancement minor COLoggingController
#132 Control on COLTT access to error description new enhancement minor COLoggingController
#166 Incomplete information for CopyFromMaterial new enhancement minor COLoggers
#179 Compare two logs new enhancement minor 3.0 Viewer
#191 Actualize function for list of log files new enhancement minor 3.0 COLoggingController
#192 Consistency between log and specification new enhancement minor 3.0 COLoggers
#193 .Net Framework 3.5 requested at installation. new defect minor Installation
#210 Icon to installer new enhancement minor 3.0 Installation
#214 Replacing use of SHGetMalloc in CLogFile.cpp new enhancement minor 2.5 COLoggers
#215 Include CAPE-OPEN 32-bit TLB/PIA merge module in 32-bit COLTT installer new enhancement minor 2.5 Installation
#216 Display of changed folder for logs new defect minor 2.5 COLoggingController
#217 Warning message on GetPDependentPropList call new enhancement minor 2.5 COLoggers
#218 Need to upgrade VC++ Compiler and Libraries new enhancement minor 2.5 Viewer
#219 Configuration of WIX project for debug version new defect minor 2.5 Installation
#220 Input argument of GetPropertyPackage not printed new enhancement minor 2.5 COLoggers
#226 Check out WIX 4 to build msi new enhancement minor Installation
#227 Start menu folder renamed as CAPE-OPEN COLTT new enhancement minor 2.5 Installation
#224 Dialog refers to $LOCALAPPDATA new defect trivial COLoggingController
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