You are invited to download and use the latest version of COLTT which is currently version 2.4 released in December 2016 (Build corresponding to commit 332).

COLTT 2.4 is not a functionality upgrade of previous releases but provides both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of COLTT. The 64-bit version of COLTT works only with a 64-bit PME and 64-bit PMCs. The 32-bit version of COLTT under version 2.4 is equivalent to COLTT version 2.3.1.The development has been conducted by Michael Halloran under contract from CO-LaN. All the modifications can be accessed on the repository of the COLTT project.

The COLTT source code repository is at
The COLTT development environment has been upgraded to MS Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. This is a free version Visual Studio which includes support for all languages and libraries used in COLTT development.