Ticket #170 (new defect)

Opened 10 years ago

Missing phase label in SetTwoPhaseProp

Reported by: michelpons Owned by: Michael Halloran
Priority: major Milestone:
Component: COLoggers Version: 2.1
Keywords: SetTwoPhaseProp Cc: michaelhalloran


I am still using the ChemSep UO with a TEA 1.1 PP in PRO/II 9.2.1.

I have noticed the following entry in the log:

MaterialObject <Anonymous> : Call to SetTwoPhaseProp
MaterialObject SetTwoPhaseProp input arguments:

Property Phase Basis Value
SurfaceTension Vapor (null) 0.00403068

MaterialObject <Anonymous> : Return from SetTwoPhaseProp - Succeeded

A two phase property comes with two phase labels so the layout of SetTwoPhaseProp should be something like:

Property Phase1 Phase2 Basis Value

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