Ticket #220 (new enhancement)

Opened 4 years ago

Input argument of GetPropertyPackage not printed

Reported by: michelpons Owned by: Michael Halloran
Priority: minor Milestone: 2.5
Component: COLoggers Version: 2.3
Keywords: GetPropertyPackage Cc: michaelhalloran


Within a call to GetPropertyPackage of ICapeThermoPropertyPackageManager interface, there is an input argument (the Property Package name as a CapeString) and an output argument (the ICapeThermoPropertyRoutine interface of the specified Property Package as a CapeInterface). When logged it appears nowadays as such:
PropertyPackageManager <Aspen Properties V12 (CAPE-OPEN 1.1)> : Call to GetPropertyPackage

GetPropertyPackage returns:


PropertyPackageManager <Aspen Properties V12 (CAPE-OPEN 1.1)> : Return from GetPropertyPackage - Succeeded

So the output argument is somehow printed but the input argument does not show. It seems that what is mentioned as returned is in fact what has been passed as the name of the Property Package. The log should reflect that rather than the opposite.

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