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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#5 Error message box from COFE not showing up instead COFE crashes assigned defect major COLoggers
#41 Add build number assigned enhancement major COLoggers
#60 Aspen Properties in COFE new defect major COLoggers
#61 Consistent naming of method calls new enhancement major COLoggers
#63 Loading HYSIFLO UO in Aspen Hysys impossible with COLTT enabled on UO new defect major COLoggers
#72 Return list of GetCompoundConstant not showing in log new defect major COLoggers
#82 Viewer crashing on large log file after numerous searches within file new defect major COLoggers
#83 LogMessage method not selected properly new defect major COLoggers
#102 Can't install v2.X on top of an existing v2.X installation new enhancement major COLoggers
#103 COLTT 2.1 does not uninstall previous versions new enhancement major COLoggers
#138 Logged components can't be used after uninstalling COLTT new defect major COLoggers
#151 Error methods logged within various calls assigned defect major COLoggers
#164 Need to indicate better argument type assigned enhancement major COLoggers
#183 Possible accumulation of error descriptions new defect critical COLoggers
#76 Realtime logging not working reopened defect major COLoggingController
#105 Refresh function for list of log files new enhancement major COLoggingController
#159 Consequence of location of log files not uninstalled new defect major COLoggingController
#160 Changing folder receiving logs new enhancement major COLoggingController
#206 About page in controller not updated for 2.3.1 info new defect minor COLoggingController
#155 Size of MSI assigned defect major Installation
#207 Viewer 2.3.1 not running new enhancement minor Installation
#47 Return from Calculate missing assigned defect major Viewer
#64 Exception when exiting Viewer new defect major Viewer
#84 Message argument of LogMessage method not logged new enhancement major Viewer
#90 Closing Viewer takes very long time new enhancement major Viewer
#94 Filter COLTT calls by default new enhancement major Viewer
#106 Save as function in Viewer new enhancement major Viewer
#109 Remove non CAPE-OPEN calls from View new enhancement minor Viewer
#112 Filtering on a method displays other calls assigned defect major Viewer
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