Listed below are the four installation packages made available as deliverables of the COBIA development project at end of its Phase 2. Ther first three installation packages pertain to the COBIA redistributable runtime.The redistributable runtime consists of middleware components that will be installed on the end-user’s computer during installation of Process Modelling Environments (PMEs) and Process Modelling Components (PMCs) developed by the software provider. The COBIA redistributable runtime is intended to be distributed with and utilized by third-party software. The source code of COBIA middleware is not released but the symbol tables for all released binary code are available on a dedicated symbol server. The fourth installation package is a Software Development Kit (SDK) which is a set of components and tools that are used by the software developer to create software that utilizes COBIA. The SDK includes tools to compile the source code of interfaces developed using the COBIA Interface Definition Language (IDL).

  • COBIA Runtime Common: Windows Installer merge module
  • COBIA Runtime x86: Windows Installer merge module for 32-bit architecture
  • COBIA Runtime x64: Windows Installer merge module for 64-bit architecture
  • COBIA SDK: COBIA Software Development Kit