Ticket #197 (new enhancement)

Opened 8 years ago

Clarify if UNDEFINED is returned or not by GetPropertyPackageList

Reported by: michelpons Owned by: michelpons
Priority: minor Milestone: 3.0
Component: COLoggers Version: 2.3
Keywords: GetPropertyPackageList Cc:


If a PPM is not managing any Property Package, GetPropertyPackageList on ICapeThermoPropertyPackageManager is supposed to return UNDEFINED. The ChemSep Property Package Manager, when installed, has no Property Package by default. When a PME is exercising GetPropertyPackageList on it, COLTT logs the following:
PropertyPackageManager <ChemSep Property Package Manager> : Call to GetPropertyPackageList

GetPropertyPackageList returns

Warning - PackageNames argument is empty

PropertyPackageManager <ChemSep Property Package Manager> : Return from GetPropertyPackageList - Succeeded

Is "empty" an interpretation by COLTT? If UNDEFINED is indeed returned by the PPM, COLTT should tell so in order for a check to be made on how the PPM behaves.

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