Ticket #196 (new enhancement)

Opened 8 years ago

Properly referring a Material Object after creation

Reported by: michelpons Owned by: michelpons
Priority: major Milestone: 3.0
Component: COLoggers Version: 2.3
Keywords: Material Object Cc:


In the following sequence:
MaterialObject <STREAM01> : Call to CreateMaterial
MaterialObject <STREAM01> : Return from CreateMaterial - Succeeded
MaterialObject Reference count for MO logger is 2
MaterialObject <STREAM01> : Call to CopyFromMaterial
COLTT <STREAM01> : Call to ICapeIdentification.get_ComponentName

get_ComponentName returns:

COLTT <STREAM01> : Return from ICapeIdentification.get_ComponentName - Succeeded

CopyFromMaterial takes Input Arguments: STREAM01

MaterialObject <STREAM01> : Return from CopyFromMaterial - Succeeded
MaterialObject <STREAM01> : Call to SetOverallProp

SetOverallProp input arguments:

Property Basis Values Set
Pressure (null) 253313

I am pretty sure that the Unit Operation (it is within ICapeUnit::Calculate) does not set an overall property such as a pressure on a Material Object connected to the inlet Port of the Unit Operation. So my belief is that the SetOverallProp is exercized not on the Material Object "STREAM01" but on the Material Object created from "STREAM01". However nothing tells me that in the log and it is bothersome.

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