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#198 fixed ECapeThrmPropertyNotAvailable not considered as a CAPE-OPEN error michelpons michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 8 years ago.


I have a PME returning 0x8004051a to a CalcsinglePhaseProp call: PropertyPackage <WaterEthanol> : Call to CalcSinglePhaseProp

CalcSinglePhaseProp takes input Arguments:

Property Phase POH Liquid

MaterialObject <1> : Call to GetPresentPhases

GetPresentPhases returns:


MaterialObject <1> : Return from GetPresentPhases - Succeeded MaterialObject <1> : Call to GetTPFraction

GetTPFraction takes Input Argument:

The Phase: Liquid

GetTPFraction returns:

Phase Temperature Pressure Composition

Liquid 298.15 101325 0.9


MaterialObject <1> : Return from GetTPFraction - Succeeded COLTT <WaterEthanol> : Windows error code returned is: 0x8004051a - not known COLTT <WaterEthanol> : No error information available, call to GetErrorInfo returned: 0x1 PropertyPackage <WaterEthanol> : Error returned from CalcSinglePhaseProp - 0x8004051a PropertyPackage <WaterEthanol> : Call to get_description PropertyPackage <WaterEthanol> : Description: pO v CALUPP failed to calculate properties that may be caused by missing parameters or other reasons, please see history file. PropertyPackage <WaterEthanol> : Return from get_description – Succeeded

This is read by COLTT as a Windows error and not as a CAPE-OPEN error. It should be read as a CAPE-OPEN error.

#209 fixed System file missing for Controller Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 7 years ago.


in a Win 8.1 Enterprise N machine, after an apparently successful installation of first the x86 version of COLTT and then of the 64-bit version, launching the 64-bit controller leads to an error message: the mfc120.dll file is indicated as missing.

#1 fixed 09-021 COLTT 1.08.2 fails with Aspen Hysys and PPDS michaelhalloran michaelhalloran

Reported by michaelhalloran, 15 years ago.


This morning I had a remote session organized with Andy Johns of TUV NEL Ltd about a test of their PPDS Thermo server implementing Thermo 1.1 in Aspen Hysys v7.1.

During a run based on a case provided by one of TUV NEL clients (ABB I guess), I observed error messages sent by PPDS to Aspen Hysys about stream composition appearing as null. PPDS is equipped with its own logging facility but it is far from complete: the SetPresentPhases is not logged for example. So I moved to COLTT.

With COLTT 1.07 I was able to give evidence to Andy that PPDS was at fault while setting present phases for both vapor and liquid when the phase fraction for liquid was something like 10 to the minus 16 and while the liquid phase composition was set by PPDS to zero for all compounds. Then Aspen Hysys had the right to request the calculation of liquid phase properties that PPDS was unable to provide since it raises an exception when finding that the composition was null in the MO.

That proves that COLTT is working well.

The only problem I got was that Aspen Hysys is crashing when exiting (see ScreenshotsCOLTTv107.doc). No big deal except it means the PPDS license is not released.

So I moved to COLTT v1.08.02 with the hope of having it doing better on that. Well it is a complete failure: Aspen Hysys simply crashes when opening the case.

I will send you the logs obtained with 1.07 (hysys_090409_115121_v107.log) and 1.08.02 (hysys_090409_114804_v10802.log) as accompanying material in a zipped archive. The issue is numbered 09-021.

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