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#119 Not fixable - PME Issue Elapsed time when logging michaelhalloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 12 years ago.


When using COLTT 2.1 Development Build on a CAPE-OPEN UO in PRO/II 8.3, I have been surprised by the time elapsed between mouse actions. Just the fact of dropping the UO on the flowsheet leads to several minutes of hour-glass presence. Same after connecting one stream: it takes several minutes before being able to make another action. And so on. I have compared this situation with the time elapsed when enabling COLTT 1.08.4 on the same UO. Everything takes then place within seconds so there is no much difference in overall elapsed time with and without COLTT enabled on the UO with that earlier version of COLTT. For sure the log file with COLTT 2.1 is approximately twice the size of the log file with COLTT 1.08.4. Consequently I would expect an elapsed time of twice the size but the ratio is here between 100 and 1000. The CAPE-OPEN UO is exhibiting a large number of parameters. Apart from that I don't see any other specificity. May be worth investigating because the situation with COLTT 2.1 leads to a too large difference in overall behaviour because of the delays between actions.

#120 fixed COLTT Property Package Final Release Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 12 years ago.


The message \"COLTT Property Package Final Release\" is printed by COLTT within the log file. This message appears in the Viewer even if all COLTT entries have been asked to be hidden. If indeed it is an information generated by COLTT and not by the components interacting through CO interfaces, may be worth modifying it so that it is also hidden.

#125 fixed Dubious message upon error detection on GetCompoundConstant Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 12 years ago.


I am using Aspen Hysys 7.3 CP2 and a specially developed PPM based on the thermo examples distributed by CO-LaN. The PPM is returning an empty list of constant properties (return on GetConstPropList call) and then Aspen Hysys calls GetCompoundConstant. This apparently raises an error.

COLTT 2.1 build June 5, 2012 says the followinh: PropertyPackage <Anonymous> : Call to GetCompoundConstant

GetCompoundConstant takes Input Arguments:

Error - compIds argument should be of type VT_ARRAY|VT_BOOL not VT_ARRAY|VT_BSTR

GetCompoundConstant returns:

Property Compounds ValueReturned

Warning - propvals argument is empty

PropertyPackage <Anonymous> : Return from GetCompoundConstant - Succeeded

I think the compIds argument should not be a boolean. So may be the message has to be reversed (I don't know what Aspen Hysys is using though). Installer for the PPM as well as instructions to install and use will be delivered through other communication means.

COLTT version 2.0 did not mention an error, i.e. no test was apparently made.

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