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#24 Not Reproducible 09-006 HDPE Reactor in Aspen Plus Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 14 years ago.


De: Michel Pons [technologyofficer@…] Envoyé: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 9:13 AM À: 'Ahsan Akhtar' Cc: 'michaeljhalloran@…' Objet: RE: Friday Session


Sorry for the delay but I was tied up by other tasks.

I have transferred the DLL you sent to the COLTT 09-006 VM and I have run the scenario. I can only report that it does not work any better. I can’t display the list of parameters for the UO and the live log screen in COLTT controller remains empty.

Best regards

Michel ========================================================= De: Ahsan Akhtar [ahsan.akhtar@…] Envoyé: Friday, May 15, 2009 8:10 AM À: 'Michel Pons' Objet: FW: Friday Session


I am writing this email just to check whether you get a chance to test the issue 09-006 with the updated DLL?

Best Regards

Ahsan ======================================================== De: Ahsan Akhtar [ahsan.akhtar@…] Envoyé: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 12:47 PM À: 'Michel Pons' Objet: Friday Session

Pièces jointes: COLoggersST.dll


May I request you to test the case 09-006 with the attached DLL on the VM on which I had a session on last Friday. If you remember, on Friday session, COLTT was causing a problem in displaying parameters and was showing blank window, due to which I stopped debugging the case.

Best Regards

Ahsan =========================================================== De: Michel Pons [technologyofficer@…] Envoyé: Thursday, May 07, 2009 7:48 PM À: 'sidathyder5@…' Objet: RE: PCNow Session


Go to sleep. I will find the number. Have a good night.

Best regards

Michel ======================================================= De: Ahsan Akhtar [sidathyder5@…] Envoyé: Thursday, May 07, 2009 7:46 PM À: Michel Pons Objet: Re: PCNow Session I think u can copy the source code from VM prepared for issue of FTN mixer in aspen hysys

I don't remember the issue no. Actually I am going to sleep as it is late night here at Pakistan. But if u need no I can open my note book?

Best regards

Ahsan ========================================================= De: Michel Pons [technologyofficer@…] Envoyé: Thursday, May 07, 2009 6:48 PM À: 'Ahsan Akhtar' Cc: 'Michael Halloran' Objet: RE: PCNow Session


OK for a session tomorrow morning, May 8.

I have a virtual machine set up for COLTT issue 09-006 with VS2008 Express edition installed as well as TOTAL HDPEReactor and Aspen Plus 7.1. However I don’t know where to get the proper version of the 1.08.02 COLTT source code. Could you send me a link from which I could download the source code before the session takes place?

I have also virtual machines for issues 09-008 and 09-009.

Best regards

Michel =========================================================== De: Ahsan Akhtar [ahsan.akhtar@…] Envoyé: Thursday, May 07, 2009 10:59 AM À: 'Michel Pons' Objet: PCNow Session


Is it possible for you to have a session tomorrow morning at 8.00 am Paris time?

I want to debug and fix the issue 09-006. I will need TOTAL HDPEReactor and Aspen Plus v7.1 components installed on the machine. I will also need VS2008 and COLTT source code on that machine.

I will also run 09-008 and 09-009 issues to check if these are fixed.

Best Regards

Ahsan ========================================================= De: Michael Halloran [michaeljhalloran@…] Envoyé: Saturday, April 25, 2009 7:28 PM À: Michel Pons Cc: Ahsan Akhtar Objet: Re: TOTAL HDPEReactor in Aspen Plus v7.1 Michel, Ahsan,

I haven't seen a response to this yet so I took a look at this problem.

The final crash seems to occur in GetComponentConstant in MaterialObjectSt.cpp this code has not changed between 1.07 and 1.08.2 comparing my 1.08 copy and the 1.07 copy on As Michel notes what has changed is that the log in 1.08.2 is larger. That's because more information is being generated by the newer version, for example calls to unsupported interface are all now logged and there are a lot of them everytime a parameter is accessed.

Since the code hasn't changed I think this one has to be debugged on the Co-Lan laptop; it could be some sort of corruption caused by the code generating the new output.

Regards Michael ================================================================ De: Michel Pons [technologyofficer@…] Envoyé: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 4:56 PM À: 'Ahsan Akhtar' Cc: 'michaeljhalloran@…' Objet: TOTAL HDPEReactor in Aspen Plus v7.1

Pièces jointes:; Scenario.doc;; Debugassertionfailed.doc


I have encountered a major difference in using COLTT v1.07 and COLTT v1.08.02 when enabled on a Unit Operation provided by TOTAL. The Unit Operation is working with CAPE-OPEN Thermo 1.0 in Aspen Plus. Since the simulation ends up with errors, I have used COLTT in order to figure out what goes on. The scenario is quite simple (see Scenario.doc), starting from an Aspen Plus document that contains the necessary feed streams and setting up the connections. The unusual thing is that Edit does not work on such a UO and one needs to right-click on the block and select “input” to proceed with changing a parameter. Odd behaviour still not fixed in Aspen Plus v7.1.

Using COLTT v.1.07 seems fine, providing the same behaviour with and without COLTT enabled on the UO and providing a log file (see apmain_041409_162341v107 in the zipped file attached).

Now with COLTT v1.08.02, I get a much larger log (apmain_041409_163539v10802 in the zipped file attached) but a debug assertion error message when selecting the UO and subsequently Aspen Plus crashes (see Debugassertionfailed.doc attached).

So this shows some kind of regression from v1.07 to v1.08.02 that should be looked upon.

I am giving number 09-006 to this issue since there is also a non-numbered issue on the blank screen in COLTT controller that should be numbered 09-005 (sent on April 9). I am setting up a VM with the necessary software for further tests on 09-006.

Best regards


#51 Not Reproducible AspenTech: Crash using COLTT 1.08.4 michaelhalloran michaelhalloran

Reported by michaelhalloran, 14 years ago.


Running COFE (COCO 1.16) with COLTT 1.08.4 enabled and Aspen CAPEOPEN 1.0 (Aspen Properties 24.0) or Aspen COMThermo 1.0 (V7.2):

Clicked on OK, it crashed (COFE closed).

#119 Not fixable - PME Issue Elapsed time when logging michaelhalloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 12 years ago.


When using COLTT 2.1 Development Build on a CAPE-OPEN UO in PRO/II 8.3, I have been surprised by the time elapsed between mouse actions. Just the fact of dropping the UO on the flowsheet leads to several minutes of hour-glass presence. Same after connecting one stream: it takes several minutes before being able to make another action. And so on. I have compared this situation with the time elapsed when enabling COLTT 1.08.4 on the same UO. Everything takes then place within seconds so there is no much difference in overall elapsed time with and without COLTT enabled on the UO with that earlier version of COLTT. For sure the log file with COLTT 2.1 is approximately twice the size of the log file with COLTT 1.08.4. Consequently I would expect an elapsed time of twice the size but the ratio is here between 100 and 1000. The CAPE-OPEN UO is exhibiting a large number of parameters. Apart from that I don't see any other specificity. May be worth investigating because the situation with COLTT 2.1 leads to a too large difference in overall behaviour because of the delays between actions.

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