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#126 fixed Incomplete information out of GetComponentConstant call Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 12 years ago.


I am investigating an issue that appeared initially when using an Aspen Properties Property Package out of version 7.3.2 from Aspen Plus in HTRI Xchanger Suite 6.0. I have transformed the scenario so that I am using COFE instead of XChanger. COFE crashes (with or without COLTT enabled on Aspen Properties Thermo System) when accessing the info on a compound. The document expliciting the scenario will be emailed separately. I am puzzled by the lack of info showing from the GetComponentConstant calls. For example:

PropertyPackage <Anonymous> : Call to GetComponentConstant requesting these constants :


MaterialObject <Anonymous> : Call to get_ComponentIds

get_ComponentIds returns : ETHANOL WATER

MaterialObject <Anonymous> : Return from get_ComponentIds - Succeeded PropertyPackage <Anonymous> : GetComponentConstant returns

It looks like there is no return but I can't tell what is actually returned. At some point, when the property \"acentric factor\" is requested, COFE crashes. Can't tell why. I would appreciate if COLTT would show more. Don't know if it is possible.

#127 fixed Warning message - compIds argument is empty Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 12 years ago.


Using COLTT 2.1 Build June 5, 2012 I noticed in the attached log that many warning messages are written to the log file, within SetProp and GetProp method calls: Warning - compIds argument is empty

I wonder if this is relevant since the compIds argument may be UNDEFINED. Does it mean that the way UNDEFINED is set is wrong wrt the argument type? Is this warning significant with respect to the PMC or is it related to COLTT?

#129 fixed Discriminating between Anonymous Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 12 years ago.


In the attached log filen within Calculate I know that the UO gets temperature, pressure, partial mass flowrates from the MO connected to the inlet Port and then sets the same properties on the MO connected to the outlet Port before flashing the MO on the outlet Port. But all SetProp/GetProp calls are mentioned as being made on an anonymous MO. Without the source code of the UO, it would be impossible to know on what the UO acts. Even if the MOs are not named by the PME, which is a pity, could COLTT discriminate between anonymous MOs and mention an Anonymous_1, Anonymous_2 so that one could better follow the sequence?

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