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#174 fixed ProSim Plus crashes with error interfaces automatic calls Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 10 years ago.


I am using ProSim Plus together with Aspen Properties v8.0. It is a simple flash but on a mixture containing ions. I am enabling COLTT on Aspen Properties Thermo System and I am running the flowsheet made of a single unit operation, a TP flash. When the box is ticked about error interfaces automatically called when errors are raised, ProSim Plus crashes. When I am simply enabling COLTT and no other options, the run goes to its end nicely. I am using COLTT 2.1 Build 280. My guess is that the description of the last error is a bit too long for COLTT to handle it, but it is just a guess.

#182 fixed Can't disabled COLTT on UO Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 10 years ago.


With a UO supplied to me, once COLTT is enabled on it, even if I untick the \"Enable\" box, after closing the controller, reopening it lets see the UO with COLTT enabled once more. Something must be wrong in the way the registry access works. The DLL with its registration exe will be supplied. The only way I have found to go around the issue is to open the registry (regedit), to search for the UO name (Tester Helper), to suppress the entry in the registry for it, and then to register the UO again. If something goes wrong when disabling COLTT on a UO, the end-user should be told about it. If there is a way to easily circumvent the issue, it should be arranged for.

#184 fixed Logging CompIds for SetProp of scalar mixture property Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 10 years ago.


It appears that COLTT does not log the CompIds argument in a SetProp for a scalar mixture property. It should.

I have encountered an issue with this argument with the following scenario: Take Aspen Properties HDA PP under OATS. Open COFE and select the OATS/ HDA Aspen Properties PP. In the COFE view “Flowsheet configuration”, where you will see “Aspen Properties 28.0/HDA” listed, click on “Material types”. There untick the boxes on the left of Hydrogen, methane and diphenyl. That way the Material Objects defined by COFE will carry only benzene and toluene as compounds. Close the Flowsheet configuration view. Go to Flowsheet/Calculator. As property select enthalpy. As phase select Vapor. As temperature enter 500 K. As pressure enter 100000 Pa. For the mole fraction of C6H6 enter 0.5 (the diphenyl mole fraction will be set to 0.5 automatically).

While you are entering these pieces of information, error messages will appear in the bottom part of the COFE screen. This is OK. COFE attempts to make the calculation requested even before all the necessary pieces of information have been provided. However take notice of the last error message: “Failed to calculate property enthalpy for phase vapor (calType mixture): CalcProp failed: The following errors showed on calling AspenCalcProp[]: Failed to ICapeThermoMaterialObject > SetProp[].

COLTT does not report that compIds contains \"C6H6\" and \"TOLUENE\" while it should be UNDEFINED for a scalar mixture property. In order to pinpoint sucn an error with COLTT, COLTT should display the CompIds even for that kind of property.

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