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#144 fixed Argument from CopyFromMaterial Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 12 years ago.


I am starting from a case file out of PRO/II 9.2 in which three material streams have been drawn and two defined with flow, composition, pressure and temperature. The CPP Ideal Thermo PPM and its nC6nC8 PP are used. The scenario calls for inserting the CPP Mixer/Splitter Example in the flowsheet, access its CAPE-OPEN settings, change the heat input to 1, then connect the ports to material streams and run the simulation. It gives the log attached.

At the beginning of the Calculate method, the UO calls CopyFromMaterial onto a Material Object. The Material Object is mentioned as Anonymous. Within this call, it is logged that COLTT accesses the get_ComponentName method of the ICapeIdentification interface of an Anonymous MO: S1 is returned. Then the UO goes on by getting the present phases on a MO still mentioned as Anonymous. The CopyFromMaterial method has one argument, source. I think it would be wise somehow to mention the pointer value to the source MO. Further information could be displayed if indeed the get_ComponentName call succeeds like it is succeeding here.

#150 fixed Check if names of duplicated MOs are retrieved Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 12 years ago.


I am opening up in Aspen Plus v7.3.2 a case file that makes use of Aspen Plus embedded thermo and of the VB6 Mixer Splitter example used as a splitter. I run the case and analyze the log file obtained with COLTT 2.1 Build 246.

Within the Calculate call, there is a call to Duplicate the MO named as 1:

MaterialObject <1> : Call to Duplicate MaterialObject Duplicate returns clone: 013A43B0 MaterialObject <1> : Return from Duplicate - Succeeded

Once this is done I presume that most subsequent CalcProp and CalcEquilibrium calls are made on the duplicated MO. However the following is logged:

MaterialObject <1> : Call to CalcProp requesting:

Property Phase Calc enthalpy Liquid mixture

MaterialObject <1> : Return from CalcProp - Succeeded

I wonder if COLTT has really updated the name of the MO, or if the duplicated MO has the same component_Name as the original MO. I can't see any call to get_componentName on the ICapeIdentification interface carried by the duplicated MO. Would be necessary to know what is going on. If the duplicated MO is given the same name as the original MO by the PME, it may induce some recommendation to developers to avoid that situation.

#154 fixed WIX installer needs to be edited before it works on French OS. michaelhalloran michaelhalloran

Reported by michaelhalloran, 11 years ago.


In order for the Wix installer to be rebuilt on a machine with a French OS, I need in Product.wxs to change “Common Files” to “Fichiers Communs” in the lines that define the ids of the merge modules. I need to do that because on a French OS the “Merge Modules” folder is under “C:
Program Files
Fichiers Communs” and there is no “C:
Program Files
Common Files” folder. Wonder if, using some system variable, the contents of Product.wxs can be made independent of the name given to the folder holding the common files.

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