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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#212 COM Initialization detection reopened defect major Backlog COBIA core
#213 COM interfaces generated from COBIA IDL new enhancement major Phase III WP1 Code generation
#140 Check out WIX 4 to build msi new enhancement minor Building distribution
#155 Code generator does not include custom types new enhancement minor Maintenance of Phase II Code generation
#220 Deliver and register CAPE-OPEN and CAPE-OPEN 1.2 type lib new enhancement major Phase III WP1 COBIA Marshalling
#209 Optimize stack allocations in marshaler new enhancement minor COBIA Marshalling
#190 PMC connect time out is 60 s. Configurable? new enhancement major Backlog COBIA Marshalling
#218 Provide shortcut out of thread COM marshaling or remove comments new enhancement minor Backlog COMBIA
#194 Serialization not defined for POSIX CapeWindowId new defect major COBIA Marshalling
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