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Current COBIA version mentioned

The CAPE-OPEN Binary Interop Architecture (COBIA) project aims at developing an object model developed, distributed and maintained by CO-LaN and specifically geared to CAPE-OPEN, with the aim being to make CAPE-OPEN development easier, portable, quicker and platform independent while keeping high performance in mind.

The project is split into three phases. Phases I and II have been completed:

Phase 1 (2016) was a proof of concept of COBIA through development of a prototype

Phase 2 (2020) delivers the following elements
Software Development Kit (SDK): limited to C++ based native development on Microsoft Windows (x86/x64) for in-process operation
Runtime: limited to native Microsoft Windows based in-process operation

Phase 3 (launched in 2021) addresses cross-platform interoperability. Work package 1 (out of 4 work packages) will be carried out in 2021.

COBIA latest release is version available from the Downloads section in the above menu/