22:20 Ticket #14 (Possible inconsistence in return messages from methods) closed by michaelhalloran
fixed: Fixed, found two examples: GetComponentConstant and CreateMaterialObject, …
21:29 Ticket #16 (GetCompoundConstant logging) created by michelpons
While re-testing case 09-008 (also known as TRAC ticket #15), I have …
21:20 Ticket #15 (Return message from CheckEquilibriumSpec) closed by michelpons
21:13 Ticket #15 (Return message from CheckEquilibriumSpec) created by michelpons
De: Michel Pons [technologyofficer@…] Envoyé: Friday, May 08, 2009 …


20:03 Ticket #14 (Possible inconsistence in return messages from methods) created by michelpons
I am using as PME-PMC combination UniSim Design (PME) and Simulis …


12:03 Ticket #10 (Logging enabling not stable) closed by ahsanakhtar
11:15 Ticket #12 (License notice missing) closed by ahsanakhtar
11:12 Ticket #9 (Version number in COLTT program name) closed by ahsanakhtar


22:36 Ticket #7 (Call to ICapeUnit not supported in COLTT) closed by michaelhalloran
fixed: Logger adds requested GUID into the log when QueryInterface for a …
22:28 Ticket #2 (09-020 CalcEquilibrium input arguments are logged after many intervening ...) closed by michaelhalloran
fixed: Flashtype and requested Properties are now printed at the beginning of the …


09:39 Ticket #13 (License display in controller) created by michelpons
In the controller main view, there is a copyright statement that should be …
09:33 Ticket #12 (License notice missing) created by michelpons
Within COLTT 1.08.03 installation, the license notice is not the proper …
09:07 Ticket #11 (09-001 richtx32 ocx file not properly registered at installation) created by michelpons
I have installed COLTT 1.08.03 in a machine with UniSim Design and Simulis …
08:54 Ticket #10 (Logging enabling not stable) created by michelpons
While trying to test ticket #8, I am faced with the following issue: I …


17:26 Ticket #8 (Aspen Properties initialization fails when logged) closed by michaelhalloran
fixed: Michel, This should be fixed in the 1.08.3 build. I implemented the …
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