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#89 worksforme CAPE-OPEN 1.1 PP not recognized as supporting CO interfaces Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 11 years ago.


I am re-testing TRAC Ticket #16 with COLTT 1.08.05 Build July 17, 2011. The issue I have is that COLTT does not seem to recognize the CAPE-OPEN Property Package used as a CAPE-OPEN component. The COLTT log mentions that the component does not support the CO interfaces COLTT is able to log.

The component may be installed using the MSI found at:

The scenario is in Hysys but I wonder if this is in anyway related to the PME used because everything seems to go on correctly with Aspen Hysys: selecting the PP, selecting the flash, etc... I have attached the short log file obtained.

#161 fixed COFE crash michaelhalloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 9 years ago.


I am using COLTT 2.1 Build 263. I am running COFE with the VB6 Ideal ThermoSystem. COLTT is enabled on VB6 Thermo System with error interfaces calls activated as well as reference count logging activated. I open COFE, select the VB6 Thermo System as Property Package and then COFE stops: it displays an APPCRASH. See attached the file detailing the problem. The log file (also attached) shows IPersistStreamInit as the last call. I am running COFE in Windows 7.

#120 fixed COLTT Property Package Final Release Michael Halloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 10 years ago.


The message \"COLTT Property Package Final Release\" is printed by COLTT within the log file. This message appears in the Viewer even if all COLTT entries have been asked to be hidden. If indeed it is an information generated by COLTT and not by the components interacting through CO interfaces, may be worth modifying it so that it is also hidden.

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