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#46 fixed Unsufficient message content michaelhalloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 13 years ago.


I am using the GLCC UO in PRO/II 8.3 Patch 1. It relates to a case raised with SimSci-Esscor Support. I have a scenario that calls fro dropping the GLCC UO on the PRO/II flowsheet, to connect inlet and outlet ports, to edit the UO in order to choose the location for its output file, then to calculate the process model made of this UO. Examining the log made with COLTT, I see that get_Values calls on the integer parameters of the UO are at first looking good. Then, after the Edit call, the get_Values calls for integer parameters return a message \"An Invalid Argument\". What is not clear is who is sending this message and then what it means exactly. The only argument of such a call is the returned value. There is no error raised and no means for the call to pass a message. So my educated guess is that COLTT is posting the message but on what grounds. Plus, if it is indeed COLTT which is posting the message, it should be made obvious. Here, as it is posted, one may think that get_Value returns this message. Would it be possible to get more info on what is going on?

#51 Not Reproducible AspenTech: Crash using COLTT 1.08.4 michaelhalloran michaelhalloran

Reported by michaelhalloran, 13 years ago.


Running COFE (COCO 1.16) with COLTT 1.08.4 enabled and Aspen CAPEOPEN 1.0 (Aspen Properties 24.0) or Aspen COMThermo 1.0 (V7.2):

Clicked on OK, it crashed (COFE closed).

#53 fixed Recursive view of Call to get Option list in Viewer michaelhalloran michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 13 years ago.


The attached log file has been obtained with the 1.08.4 where DLLs have been superseded with the ones released on June 30, 2010. The scenario pertains to ticket #32. When looking at the log file with the Viewer and going at the last line displayed, expanding it, going to the last line, I get the same line as before. I can go on and go expanding the last line and apparently displaying the same sequence again. Looks odd to me.

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