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#26 wontfix Explain purpose of ExampleWixScript file within it michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 16 months ago.


The ExampleWixScript comes with some comments within it but does not display comments explaining what is its purpose at the top of it. Having a short explanation of its purpose, referring to the Developer Guide for further explanations, may be useful to whoever is opening up the file.

#36 wontfix Interface registrations remain michelpons jasper

Reported by jasper, 11 months ago.


As a result of the initial 64-bit CAPE-OPEN type libraries being released having component IDs that are equal to the 32-bit type libraries, a side effect of having both installed and removing one after the other in separate installs confuses the microsoft installer tool into thinking that the component has already been uninstalled.

In this scenario interface registrations may remain for the last bitness removed, even if the corresponding files have been removed.

#3 worksforme Versions of TLB/PIA installed not mentioned michelpons michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 7 years ago.


In the past 0.9 as well as 0.9.3 and 1.0/1.1 TLBs were installed if I consider what appeared in the Registry. The latest version of the TLB/PIA installed installs only version 1.0 and 1.1 of the TLBs and PIAs. I think it ought to be mentioned in the splash screen that these two versions are going to be installed. Somehow the text should say that it is both or nothing. The installer does not give a choice of which version to install and so far I don't see a difficulty here but somehow the text should be clear about it.

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