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#34 fixed .NET 2.0 tools michelpons jasper

Reported by jasper, 9 months ago.


The .NET SDK is harder and harder to obtain - does not ship out with VS2019 anymore, and the online downloads is 7.1A (not 7.0A as the scripts require).

The two tools needed from there are now part of the repo.

#5 worksforme Back button not working in ready to install screen michelpons michelpons

Reported by michelpons, 6 years ago.


The screen displaying "Ready to install CAPE-OPEN Type Libraries X86" has a "back" button which is supposed to bring the user back to the screen where he/she can choose from between a per-user and a per-machine installation. The back button does not work.

#15 fixed CAPE-OPEN PIA definition of ICAPEUtilities::Edit method is incorrect michelpons michaelhalloran

Reported by michaelhalloran, 6 years ago.


Reported by Jasper van Baten

ICAPEUtilities Edit returns S_FALSE when no change is made during an edit operation. The .net PIA therefore needs to return the HRESULT directly rather than converting it to an exception in the event of an error.

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