Provided below are the distribution packages made available as deliverables of the COBIA development project at end of its Phase 2 and subsequent maintenance releases. Current version is following distribution constraints apply:

  • CO-LaN distributes its software using Windows Installer version 5.0 packages. The distribution packages are either installation packages (MSI) or merge modules (MSM) that can be included in third-party MSI installers distributed by software vendors. Windows Installer 5.0 is only supported on Windows 7 and newer.
  • COBIA will not run on Windows XP and older.
  • CO-LaN only provides support for COBIA in versions of Microsoft Windows that are currently supported by Microsoft.

The zipped archive contains three merge modules pertaining to the COBIA redistributable runtime:

  • COBIA Runtime Common: Windows Installer merge module
  • COBIA Runtime x86: Windows Installer merge module for 32-bit architecture
  • COBIA Runtime x64: Windows Installer merge module for 64-bit architecture

The redistributable runtime consists of middleware components that will be installed on the end-user’s computer during installation of Process Modelling Environments (PMEs) and Process Modelling Components (PMCs) developed by the software provider. The COBIA redistributable runtime is intended to be distributed with and utilized by third-party software. The archive also contains an installation package that deploys the contents of the above mentioned merge modules.

The source code of COBIA middleware is not released but the symbol tables for all released binary code are available on a dedicated symbol server.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided as a stand-alone installation package which distributes a set of components and tools that are used by the software developer to create software that utilizes COBIA. The SDK includes tools to compile the source code of interfaces developed using the COBIA Interface Definition Language (IDL).

Version (July 15, 2021) resolves two issues of major relevance:

  • Ticket 72: Change COMBIA threading model for COM registration
  • Ticket 73: Thermo consumption component CATIDs added

Version (June 11, 2021) resolves two issues of major relevance:

Version (April 23, 2021) resolves especially two issues located in COMBIA:

Version (April 12, 2021) resolves several issues found when exercizing COBIA:

  • Ticket 53: Incorrect SDK registration entry in VBS script
  • Ticket 55: Error in constructor of CapeStringAdapter?
  • Ticket 56: Broken get_reports in COMBIA's unit operation wrapper
  • Ticket 57: Failure to register x64 COBIA PMC as COM component for all users
  • Ticket 58: Uninitialized BSTR in COMBIA string parameter
  • Ticket 59: Crash in COMBIA for empty arrays in VARIANT data wrappers
  • Ticket 60: COMBIA incorrectly stores boolean as integer

Version (March 18, 2021) resolves mainly issues related to deployment:

Version (March 15, 2021) adds mainly transitioning between COM and COBIA to the functionalities covered so far in COBIA. Version resolves tickets:

  • Ticket 46: COBIA Ideal Thermo package edit box does not show
  • Ticket 49: ThermoClientTestPME incorrectly persists array of integers
  • Ticket 50: Persistence transition

Version (February 24, 2021) resolved tickets pertaining to COBIA distributed components:

  • Ticket 32: COBIA_CodeGen.exe cannot locate SDK
  • Ticket 33: Typo in license notice with COBIA SDK installer
  • Ticket 34: Title given to text on license notice
  • Ticket 35: COBIA should link to static MSVC runtimes
  • Ticket 37: Crash on obtaining temp-dependent property list in WaterPP
  • Ticket 38: Invalid response from GetPhaseInfo? in WaterPP
  • Ticket 39: Crash on saving package from test PME
  • Ticket 40: PMC registration fails for all users
  • Ticket 44: Fix to PMC self-registration for all users in header files